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04 Mar
To all of our amazing Legacy friends,
2015 is jumping off to a great start! In case you haven't heard here's what we've been up to:
  • Valentine's Day make overs - Barbers and makeup artists donated their time to give some of our guests at the Marketplace a makeover for Valentine's Day. It was BEAUTIFUL!.
  • Street Squads is a team of volunteers that heads out every Saturday morning to sweep or shovel snow or chisel away the ice for residents living near The Legacy Center. Some of the people we serve on Friday's at the Marketplace saw us on the streets and couldn't believe we were out there!
  • Red Eye Runs are the evening runs we make with a team of volunteers. We have been going out in literally subzero weather to give out clothes, toiletries, and blankets to individuals sleeping on the streets or under ground. We met a few people I have to tell you about!
        On one of the coldest nights in NY we met Cynthia whose blanket had been stolen the night before and was sitting on the cold street with nothing but a jacket on. The Legacy Center wrapped her in a brand new, super warm blanket and loved on her for a while.

        We also met Joseph, who was wearing just a shirt and a pair of jeans as he slept on the floor in the Port Authority station. When we offered him a blanket, he jumped up and said "There is a God!".  He explained how he had been begging God for something warm. We got to witness the expression on Joseph's face as we pulled out that blanket. Priceless!

We are so grateful we get to be there for some of these individuals during their hardest days and the coldest nights. These are just two of the many stories and lives out there praying for some relief.  We are committed to continue to meet people in their toughest moments. We are excited to roll out a number of new educational programs in the spring, because we do not just want to help people IN their situation, but we have to help them OUT of their situation. And we would love for you to help us help people begin to build their Legacy
We are getting bold in the cold and asking each and every one of you to stand with us by giving as little as $5 a week to help us help. That's less than a dollar a day! There are just too many Cynthia's and too many Joseph's out there and we want to help them all! Let's do this because together WE are stronger, WE are powerful, and WE are all better!!!!!!

Together we are better,
Jordan Durso

The Legacy Center

1633 Centre St | Ridgewood, NY 11385



Twitter / Instagram: @thelegacycenter

Instagram / FB / Twitter : @jordandurso
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20 Feb

Here is some information regarding the upcoming mission trips:

Africa- $3,000
1st Dep: $1,500 (secures seat)
2nd Dep: $500 (paid by April 26th)
3rd Dep: $500 (paid by June 14th)
Final Dep: $500 (paid by August 2nd)

Peru- $2,000
1st Dep: $1,000 (secures seat)
2nd Dep: $500 (paid by June 14th)
Final Dep: $500 (paid by September 27th)

For more info, please contact Amina Halls
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

19 Feb

On Wednesday, February 18th, we had a FANTASTIC turnout of baptism candidates for our service.  

The candidates ranged from young to old, with different testimonies and reasons for making a commitment to God.  We thank all who came to be baptized, and all who came to support them! Check out these photos of the event.  Take a look below, and follow the directions below the slideshow if you want to download any!

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