One Team

The Services and Productions Team at Christ Tabernacle is a group of highly motivated, committed, servant leaders who value excellence and one another. We strive to create an environment that is inviting, and we pray that God uses our efforts to create a "wow factor" that will lead many to Christ and life change. Although it requires different skill sets and departments to cover a service or production, we operate as one team.  

Hundreds of volunteers are part of our "ONE TEAM"!


Our Team Values

Excellence // Excellence honors God and reflects who He is.

All Set // Team members come in fully prepared in advance to minister and provide support. 

Sweat the Small Stuff // Every detail is addressed in advance for maximum preparedness.

Whatever it Takes // Always a “whatever it takes” attitude with a smile.

No Distractions // Seamlessly integrate all elements of a service.

Push the Envelope // Continually improving, trying new things, and using what we have beyond its capacity.

People First // Provide a safe place for people to be used by God in their gifting and spiritually grow.

Christ Driven // Serving comes from an overflow of our relationship with Jesus

Want to serve with our Services & productions team?