As a church we believe in building God's kingdom.  We look for opportunities to support kingdom work outside of our four walls to help servants serve. Through Kingdom Builders, we support local organizations, missionaries and church plants, as well as international countries in need such as Peru, Dominican Republic and Swaziland. We are committed to stretching our giving in order to place tools in the hands of the workers as we build God's kingdom together.

Our goal is to give away one million dollars to these ministries as well as provide anything else they could possibly need from us or our staff. When you sow a seed, you don't have a funeral for it. It's not dead. There's life expectancy in that seed. There's hope and excitement that something amazing is going to come from that. We are excited and expectant that as we give, life is going to sprout and bless more people than we can ever imagine or do if we were doing it alone. Together we are better. Every last Sunday of the month we have our Kingdom Builders Sunday where you can commit to give and be a Kingdom builder. 

Help us build the Kingdom.