In a small group, you will connect with believers for the purpose of connecting and building community, and discipleship. 

Groups are typically formed around a shared lifestyle including: married groups, single groups, co-ed young adult groups, youth groups, etc. 

Those groups are also formed based on passion and interests and will do things like study the Bible together, have dinner parties, serve in community-based projects, etc. It is our desire to have every person at Christ Tabernacle participating in a small group.


Join a Small Group

Our desire is to have everyone involved in a small Group or plugged into a Dream Team. Community is where we experience discipleship. This is how we grow in our faith and in our relationship with Jesus. Christ Tabernacle will be a church made up of small groups.

A new season of small groups is launching this Winter. Join us. 

Save the dates

  • Orientation meetings for SMALL GROUP LEADERS will be held on Sunday, January 27th.

  • We use an online directory to help participants find groups based on shared lifestyles, where they live, or what they want to do. The directory will open to the public on Wednesday, February 6th

  • Groups will begin to meet on Sunday, February 17th.

  • The Winter season will run from February 17 – March 31, 2019. 

Come back on February 6th to browse the campus directories and find the right group for you.


BUSHWICK // English

BUSHWICK // Español


Lead A Small GROUP

With the help of a coach, small group leaders will lead their groups based on Biblical principles while creating a fun, safe space to discuss the issues and challenges of life. It's also where groups pray and build eachother up. 

In a city that is large and fast-paced, small groups is a place where we are known, belong, and build community. We believe intentional relationships are key to sustained spiritual growth, it is how we intentionally disciple believers (Matthew 28:18-20).

Have questions about small groups? We have answers here.

If you’d like to learn more about leading a small group for the first time please use the link below to sign up for a leader orientation on Sunday, January 27th at 11AM, 1PM, or 3PM. 



Whether you are new to Small Group Leadership or you’ve been leading small groups for some time we encourage you to keep developing your leadership skills.

Small Group leadership development takes place over two (2), ninety minute sessions.

  • Session 1: Sunday, February 3rd

  • Session 2: Sunday, February 10th

Click below for more information, including dates and times to reserve your space today.